a white dog in a field

Photo by the HSUS


I support a switch from animal experiments to advanced non-animal technologies that rely on human biology. Governments at the state and federal level, companies, and universities must stop relying on archaic animal experiments and increase funding for, and use of, non-animal alternatives that use human cells or are based on human data in order to find answers to science’s most pressing questions about human health.

Significant progress has been made in the development of these sophisticated non-animal methods, which often provide results that are faster, more accurate and better at mimicking the human body than outdated experiments that rely on animals. These technologies will only continue to evolve and improve, while animal experiments will always have severe limitations. There’s no doubt that non-animal technologies will one day make animal testing obsolete. Let’s work together to ensure that it happens as quickly as possible—for the sake of both animal welfare and human health.

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