Chickens in crowded cages.

Frank Loftus/The HSUS

This action alert is for U.S. residents. International advocates, please visit Humane Society International.


As a Maryland resident, I’m asking that you please support legislation that would prevent the cruel caging of egg-laying hens and give Maryland families more affordable access to safer eggs.

Hens in the egg industry are still confined in barren cages so small they can’t even flap their wings. These conditions are not only cruel for the birds, but cages have been associated with higher rates of salmonella, a disease that can be deadly, especially in young children and the elderly.

Marylanders—including myself—overwhelmingly support a firm deadline requiring producers and sellers to end the cruelty! The time is now to give Marylanders access to safer, affordable, more humane eggs. Please support measures to protect egg-laying hens and Maryland families.

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