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Your generosity helps rescue animals from heartbreaking situations and supports all our lifesaving work. You can bring joy to animals in need with special gifts that can change their lives and show them just how loved they are.

5 Dog receiving a treat
Meredith Lee/The HSUS

Could supply treats for a dog or cat


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25 Cat in a blanket

Could give toys and a warm blanket to a neglected dog or cat


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50 Cats being transported at a rescue
Tyler Kaufman/AP Images for the HSUS

Could transport a rescued dog or cat to an HSUS Shelter Partner for adoption


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100 Dog being examined by a vet
Meredith Lee/The HSUS

Could provide a veterinary exam and lifesaving care


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300 Cat wearing a post-surgical collar

Could sponsor an emergency surgery


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Our rescue and response work is just one part of our critical work for all animals. Your gift of any amount will do so much to help animals who are suffering right now in puppy mills, factory farms, testing labs and other situations of cruelty or neglect.

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